wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH (Germany)

wisamar_logowisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by the German Institute for Adult Education for its ProfilPASS competence and dialogue center in which we consult different target groups, carry out competence analyses, do start up consultancy, orientation and job application training. 

Together with partners from the Leipzig-Halle region as well as from all over Europe we support common European activities in education as well as the development of our region in the heart of Europe. We are concerned with formal as well as informal and non-formal learning, stand for equal opportunities and the integration of disadvantaged groups. 

wisamar understands itself as active member and former of networks on regional and European level; in local initiatives, in the board of directors of the European association Cooperation Network for European Citizenship (CO.NE.CT) or in the European project work.

In the project we bring in our experienes with empowerment and also intergenerational dialogue which will help in the work with the target groups. Besides this, we cooperate with different urban and community garden projects and start a new garden project in 2013 so that this project fits well into our ongoing activities. We take over the role as coordinator, take care that all project outcomes will be reached as planned in the application and support the other partners in the project administration and management. Besides, we carry out the local workshops as planned and organise the European Herbs Festival.

Associazione AGreenment (Italy)

AGreenment_logoAssociation AGreenment aims at promoting sustainable lifestyles and the switch towards a greener economy. Our association is based in the Emilia Romagna region, Italy. It has a standing in Green Economy best practices which is acclaimed Europewide, thanks to efforts made by our regional government in sustaining the shift towards a greener environment.

Together with sustainable lifestyles and green economy issues, the Association fosters the civic participation of all European citizens, especially the most disadvantaged, in democratic debates (equal rights, peer participation, active citizenship, community-based initiatives, social cohesion, cultural diversity, etc.). All the people involved in the association’s Board of Directors have gained significant previous experience in working in several EU-funded projects.

AGreenment Association focuses particularly in keeping traditions related to environment/ green alive and in valorizing local dimensions while at the same time tries to boost European citizenship values as umbrellas where every citizens can find its own dimension. In this respect to talk about healing herbs will mean to build bridges between the past and the future of our territory. Within the project the AGreenment Association will start a group of people with young and seniors together in order to carry out project activities/tasks while promoting intergenerational learning. More specifically it will: select learners for local workshop and transnational learner skills exchanges, working in all transnational activities from meeting preparation to project dissemination and monitoring/evaluation activities. We take over the coordination of two products, the intercultural herbs calendar and the handbook.

Center for Ecological & Biological Cultivation (Greece)

KOBK_logoThe Center for Ecological & Biological Cultivation is non profit organization that coordinates the cultivation and harvesting procedures on the fields belonging to the Monastery of Lycouresi and it is administered by a 3 member Board of Directors with Chairman the Metropolitan of the local Diocese. 

It's main role is to develop and promote the ways of cultivate the fields and also encourage interested partners to get involved in any possible way for the benefit of the social services that the Holy Metropolis is providing to the public. 

In the project we will contribute with our knowledge on the use of herbs, organise three local workshops and attend the transnational learner skills exchanges. As additional tasks we take over the responsibility about the website.

Brigit's Garden Ltd. (Ireland)

brigits_logoBrigit’s Garden is an educational and environmental charity run by a voluntary board of trustees. Our vision is to offer Brigit’s Garden as a place of connection with nature, beauty and the cycles of life, and as a resource for education, reflection and creativity. We offer a range of services in tourism, education and the environment on our 4.2 hectare site in the West of Ireland. 

Our facilities include four unique Celtic gardens, nature trails and a Visitor Centre with a cafe, meeting rooms and gift shop. Many native herbs and plants grow in our wild-flower meadows and woodlands; and the Lughnasa (Autumn) garden, one of the four Celtic gardens, features our range of cultivated culinary, aromatherapy and medicinal herbs. These areas are a great resource for hosting herb walks and workshops, and our chef makes good use of the culinary herbs in the cafe. 

Brigit’s Garden caters to individuals and groups of all kinds, including the local community for special events marking the seasons in the Celtic calendar; primary and secondary school groups for educational visits linked to the natural environment and Irish heritage; teachers for In-service Training workshops; local youth groups to offer outdoor experiences to facilitate connection to nature; and visitors from all over the world. We provide tours, workshops, events and voluntary opportunities for a range of disadvantaged groups, e.g. adults with special needs, senior citizens, unemployed, inner-city youth and refugee groups. 

In the project we will host the kick-off meeting and bring in our knowledge about medical herbs by moderating the selection of herbs to be considered in the project. We will organise local workshops and participate in the transnational learner skills exchanges in addition to cooperating with all other project activities.

Association Weissenstein (Estonia)

Weissenstein_Logo Association Weissenstein is focused on the development of local community in Paide . We have founded local community centre (Tallinna street 9 and 11, Paide), where people and association are free to implement their ideas. These activities are now: studying local history, development of local old town (making it active place for living and making business), sustainable renovation of old buildings, handicraft, art-gallery, music festival, our newspaper, local money, regional centre of volunteers, re-use and rent of old and renovated bicycles and since 2013 community-coffee and direct-marketing of local farm-production. We have also started a community-garden project, which aims to help local people to reuse their own town-gardens, but also to found common community garden.

The community-activities are very important to our area, because it in many ways disadventaged area – being in the centre of Estonia means, that bigger citys around attract local people. Also, because of high pressure of bigger industries and companies, local and traditional way of life is in danger here.

Use of herbs is something very traditional in Estonia, it is closely linked to our food-projects as well (some our partners among local farmers grow, use and sell herbs). Also, many lectures and workshops in our centre are linked to traditional medicine and knowledge, so for us it is an important area to study and develop.

We are looking forward to the exchange at the transnational learner skills exchanges and besides organise local workshops. The third learner skills exchange will be organised by us. Besides, we contribute to all other project activities. english

Core Sp zoo (Poland)

poland_logoOur Organization is leader in Poland for European Structural funds projects won. From the ranking 2009 we are in the first position as percentage of projects won due to projects applied. We are preparing projects pretty directly for investments, infrastuctures and renewable energies; matter the fact that we have client interested also in M&A. Our strenghts points are: 18 years experience in the East Market Countries, very deep knowledge of the territories, a good lobbistic range in all the area, a team with different background from engeneers to architects, to finance profesors .

We have partners and network in all country in east europe and cooperated in european union directs funds as seventh programme framework, central europe, intelligente energy europe and so on. In the last years we specialized also in Education and Culture programme with several partnerships and project prepared. ESF projects granted for training with education and learning for older and disavantaged groups.

We already worked on this thematic field, in a European Social Funds projects granted in 2006 and another one granted in 2008. The projects were prepared / realized especially in the field of Green economy, Environment, Protection of Natural Areas, fights to pollution, Traditional organic cultivation, community gardens and organic local food preparation. In one of this project the labour office was our partner to introduce  the job possibilities in these fields.

Thanks to our experiences and knowledge in this project we take over the responsibility for evaluation besides contributing to all common project activities.