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1st Workshop

22 April 2014 the first local workshop of the German partner in the PLANT project took place in Leipzig. The first of the three public workshops in 2014 dealt with planting herbs in the garden or even at a balcony. In the backyard of the senior citizen center “Inge & Walter”, the herbalist Undine Myja from Klosterbuch and the wisamar team therefore planted different herbs in a raised bed. Among the herbs were: parsley, chives, chervil, garden sorrel, savory, marjoram, balm, pimpinella, nasturtium and also Mediterranean herbs like sage, basil, thyme, citrus thyme and rosemary.

After welcome and an introduction into the PLANT project by the wisamar team, the workshop started and Undine Myja explained the different herbs with their characteristics and possibilities for usage. Also the cultural background played a role and a poem from Joachim Ringelnatz about sorrel as well as a fairytale about basil, the “king´s herb” told by the storyteller Peggy Burian was of greatest interest for the visitors. After the workshop Martin Glewe and Sabine Roehrig-Mahhou from wisamar invited the guests to taste some of the home-made herb specialties, herb bread, strawberry cake with woodruff and balm, herb butter as well as bear´s garlic and parsley pesto.  By this they could experience in which ways herbs can be used in creative cuisine. Recipes from all partner countries were presented and given to the visitors as examples for imitation.

2nd Workshop

The second local workshop took place 17 May 2014 at the community garden Querbeet in Leipzig. The oecotrophologist Kirsten Sülzle informed about wild herbs that can be used in cooking. During a walk in the garden and its surroundings she showed different wild herbs and gave recommendations what to consider when harvesting ground-ivy, nettles, ground-elder, dandelion, plantain, yarrow and other wild herbs. After explaining the characteristics, the participants could choose herbs for a tea and besides taste some creams and relishes with wild herbs that Kirsten prepared for the group. Again, also recipes from the partner countries were distributed and Martin and Sabine from wisamar gave some insights into the use of one or the other herb in other countries, so that the European dimension of this topic was emphasized.

We thank the community garden Querbeet, Kirsten Sülzle and all visitors and are looking forward to the next local workshop on 6 September 2014.


3rd Workshop

On 6 September 2014 our third and final local workshop took place at the community garden Querbeet in Leipzig, again together with the oecotrophologist Kirsten Sülzle. This time she informed about the use of herbs in cosmetics. She shared different recipes for the preparation of cosmetics and therapeutic creams. Together with the participants we prepared two face toners and yarrow cream.

Also experiences from our last European learner skills exchanges were shared after a short presentation of the project itself and all guests are looking forward to the European Herbs Festival when the partners will share their knowledge with the local community in Leipzig.

We thank the community garden Querbeet, Kirsten Sülzle and all visitors.